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What we do

Residential/New Builds

Heat Pumps and Home Ventilation

Lighting Installation & Repairs, including LED

Extractor Fans  & Heating

Fibre, Data & Phone

Security Systems & CCTV

Audio Visual Installation & Updating

Outdoor Lighting, Heating & Power Supply

Home Rewiring & Connections for Hot Water Cylinders

Automation & Underfloor Heating

Switchboard Upgrades

Maintenance & Servicing

General Electrical Services

New Construction Electrical Wiring Installation

EV Charging Stations

Full Electrical Design, Plan & Installation

Solar Power and Storage Solutions


Appliance & Equipment Installation

Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Energy Effeciency Audits

Electrical System Upgrades

Power Distribution System Design & Installation

High Voltage Equipment Installation & Maintenance

Calibration & Testing of Electrical Equipment

PLC Installation & Programming

Electrical Inspections & Testing

Data & Communication Cabling

Electrical Panel Upgrades & Retrofitting


Installation of Agricultural Electrical Systems

Remote Monitoring & Control Systems 

Installation of Backup Power Systems 

Wiring for Machinery & Plant 

Lighting Systems for Agricultural Operations

Full Electrical Design, Plan & Installation for Buildings

Installation of Electric Fencing for Livestock

Automated Feeding & Water Systems

Client Stories

Here's a brief snapshot of recent electrical work we've completed for some of our clients. 

If you would like to know more about these or discuss how we can help you then get in touch.

Our clients recently purchased an old property and discovered that the outdated electrical system posed a significant challenge to their renovation plans. With the intention of transforming the property into their ideal home, they quickly realized the necessity of a full rewire and new electrical plan.

Client: Mr & Mrs W

Broadway Electrical faced several critical factors. Firstly, we had to assess the existing wiring infrastructure thoroughly to determine its condition and compatibility with modern electrical standards. Additionally, we needed to consider the layout and design preferences of the clients, ensuring that the new electrical plan aligned with their vision for the renovated property.

Year: 2023

After thorough assessment of the existing wiring infrastructure and consideration of the clients' design preferences, Broadway Electrical devised a comprehensive plan to address the outdated electrical system in their recently purchased old property. We meticulously executed the rewiring process, ensuring that all installations met modern electrical standards and safety regulations. Our team worked closely with the clients to incorporate their vision into the new electrical plan, providing expert guidance and suggestions along the way. Through careful planning and precise execution, Broadway Electrical successfully transformed the property's electrical system, enabling our clients to realize their renovation goals safely and efficiently.

Solution: Residential

Our clients faced the challenge of needing to incorporate feature lighting, an EV charger, and power for a swimming pool into their new property. These modern amenities required careful planning and installation to ensure they seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Client: Mr C

Broadway Electrical had to consider several factors. These included assessing the existing electrical infrastructure, meeting the specific requirements of the clients, ensuring safety compliance, and incorporating energy-efficient solutions.

Year: 2023

Broadway Electrical addressed the challenge by adeptly integrating feature lighting, an EV charger, and power for a swimming pool into the client's new property. We assessed the existing infrastructure, collaborated with the client to understand their requirements, and prioritised safety and efficiency throughout the process. Our expert execution ensured a seamless integration of these modern amenities, enhancing the functionality of the client's new home.

Solution: Residential

Our clients faced significant electrical challenges when relocating a house to a rural area. Upon arrival, they discovered that the existing electrical system was inadequate for their needs, posing safety and functionality concerns. Broadway Electrical was tasked with addressing these issues, including ensuring the system met modern standards and could support the demands of the relocated house in its new rural environment.

Client: Mr & Mrs B

Broadway Electrical had to consider several factors when addressing the electrical challenges of relocating a house to a rural area. We assessed the existing infrastructure, aligned with the clients' needs, ensured safety compliance, and accounted for the unique environmental conditions of the rural setting.

Year: 2024

Broadway Electrical addressed the challenges by implementing a comprehensive rewiring solution for the relocated house in a rural area. We assessed the existing infrastructure, tailored the plan to modern standards and client needs, and efficiently executed the rewiring to ensure safety and functionality. Our expertise in selecting suitable components for the rural environment ensured a reliable electrical system, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Solution: Rural

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